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Modigliani: Il Principe - Recital

On July 12th at 9pm on the 1st day of the exhibition, we will host the recital Modigliani: Il Principe, a work based on the novel of the same name by Angelo Longoni published by Giunti. Life, art and loves of Amedeo Modigliani in a bohemian context, between plots and relationships in a period of strong changes in customs and morals.
It is a story that can be enjoyed even by those who are not experts in art history and can be exciting on multiple reading levels, especially thanks to the particular look at the female world.






The Amedeo Modigliani Institute, which has been dedicateci to promoting the works and life of the celebrateci artist from Livorno for over 20 years, presents the only Italian event to commemorate this great painter. This international exhibition offers an immersive experience that combines art and technology, allowing visitors to experience an exciting journey into the world of Amedeo Modigliani.

Exhibition and Technology – The exhibition includes 50 “Mod light” works provided with QR-codes giving access to the story of each piece, a section of unpublished historical photographs, a SKY docufilm on the tormented love between Modigliani and Jeanne Hébuterne, and evocative projections recreating the atmosphere of early 20th century Paris.
Special attention is given to the birth of Modigliani and his muse Jeanne Hébuterne, ali accompanied by music from that time.
Innovation and Authenticity – By using high­definition photographs, Modigliani’s works are reproduced on special materials that reflect light, making them remarkably similar to the originals. This technique, perfected over three years and recognized by critics, is known as “Modlight” and is unique worldwide. The goal is to exhibit each one of the master’s 337 works in one location, creating a memorable event in horror of the greatest Italian painter of the 20th century.
Education and Cultural Dissemination – The use of technology in art facilitates the transrnission of knowledge and emotions, making art accessible to everybody. Our comrnitment is to promote culture and share the beauty of Modigliani’s works with an ever­wider audience. Come discover Modigliani’s art in an exhibition that will definitely leave an indelible mark in your memory.

Modigliani Experience: L’Artista Italiano
12 July 2024 – 15 September 2024

Antico Mercato, via Trento 2, Siracusa Ortigia

Tuesday – Friday, 5.00pm – 10.00pm
Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 – 23:00
Monday closed

Pre-sale available on Events at  this link

Press office
Massimiliano Perna
tel. +39 339 5292889

The press release can be downloaded from this link 

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